Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Dad...

This post is for my dad..I love my dad with all my heart and soul...he is my hero he was rough around the edges but sweet to the daddy died Thursday May 15,2008 at 9:20 am...i will be heart is broken and will never heal...if u are blessed to have ur dad..hug him more tell him u love him more cause u never know when it may be the last time...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Okay so it's been awhile not like anyone reads this anyway but i need to vent.

So I took S to the hospital to get some dental work done.Well we had been there since 10:30 and I walked out at 1:45..they told me it was going to b another 2-3 hours!!!! Then the bitch has the balls to tell me that because we left he can't be seen by that dr anymore!Like we did something wrong! WHATEVER!!!!! That's fine i don't want him looking at my son anyway!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

O Where O Where Have I Been...

Okay soo I've been MIA for good reason.My baby boy well not my baby but next to the baby is sick.My poor poor M..he has so many issues and now they have added to his list.He was sick with a viral infection in his inner ear and in his belly.Well we thought we got that straightened out then he started having trouble with his heart.So they did an EKG and it came back funky.So we see the cardiologist next week.Until then I have to try and keep M calm and not flipping out that he is going to die.It's been a long week and will only get longer..Pray for my baby..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So I honestly wish I could say my life is boring but it's not.Saturday I went with the kids to the Easter Egg Hunt..poor S this is his last year to hunt and he finally found a golden egg!He was so excited!Poor girls {great-nieces} didn't find any "golden eggs" so my sweet boy gave them some of his prizes out of his winning basket to the girls.Then poor B tripped and fell and half of her eggs fell out and kids started taking her eggs...poor baby...So we took them to see the Easter Bunny to get their minds off of the "tragedy" just scared the poo poo out of them.D & C did not like him or her...M,B,and A..didn't care as long as they were center of attention for the moment..hehe..
So after all the excitement the kids and I headed to St. Charles...and we had to take a way we never went before cause the main highway was flooded..I'll tell ya we just can't win..oooo wait get this Easter morning we are all up starting dinner raiding kids candy and I like a dummy look outside and it was friggen snowing! I honestly give up!
So K has a dr. appt this afternoon wish us luck it's not looking so good.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ho Hum...

WHY! WHY! WHY????...okay so the kids have missed 100 days of school cause of the snow and ice..blah blah we get rid of the snow and low and behold the rain they start threatening that we aren't gonna have school cause of flooding...GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Well luckily that didn't happen but get this they are giving the kids the day off tomorrow..y u ask cause they are idiots!

So I thought after the week I had last week i thought this week wasn't gonna be bad right? WRONG!!!! Sisi started her period again! This is the second time this she has to go to the doctor..grrrr...Then one of my dear dear friends had a heart attack and crashed..they put her on a ventilator and called the family in so i dart over to Rolla and goofy pulled the tube out and looked at the nurse and said"I'm done with this can I have something to drink"...I told her that if she EVER scares me like that I'm gonna kick her hiney! So she has like 5 kids well her boys like to give me a hard time and one of her boys Glen gave me such a hard time he freaked beans son isn't allowed to use the word "hate" cause it's such a strong word..well he tells me mom i hate him..I know I'm not suppose to say that but he hurts you and is always picking at hurt he means Glen playfully kicked me..of course I said it hurt just to bug Glen but beans took me seriously...What am I suppose to say? I see why he doesn't like him but I still don't like him saying the "h" word.So he is still not suppose to say that word.I dunno guess I'll sit and talk with him tonite bout it.So btw Glenda got to go home to day! Power of Prayer Baby!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What A Week..And It's Not Over With!!!

What a week...ok where to start..on Tuesday Shayne went home from school and was playing in our front yard and a man walked up to him and asked him what he was doing.Shayne said"digging".He then said "Why don't you go for a walk with me".I'm sooo proud of my son he said "NO!!" and went in the house and locked the door.We went to the police and well they said they can't really do much but look for the guy.Shayne gave an awesome description of the man so hopefully they will be able to find him before he hurts a child.

So then yesterday I was on pins and needles cause of the whole weird guy and I picked Shayne & Marky up from school and took them home.Well I tried calling them {I had to go back to work}and they didn't answer.So I called Ryan cause he was suppose to be going home to sit with the boys and he had a really bad bike wreck.So I went home got the boys then Kali & took Ry to the hospital.Sat for 2 1/2 hours and he knocked his jaw out of place & broke 3 of his fingers.So the kids don't have a very good relationship with their dad but R was very emotional and decided that he wanted to talk to his dad.So I called his dad and told him what was up and r got to talk to him which was good.He needed that.Hopefully this opens the door for healing their relationship.I hope.R and Mark were always close and it broke my heart when big m walked away from them.

Ohhh and get this there's this kid at school that won't keep his hands off K. So I call school and have a chat with him and if he touches her again he's suspended.That's if r doesn't get to him first.

Is this week over with yet????

Monday, March 10, 2008

Junk In My Trunk!

Okay some funny stuff happened...Shayne had his field trip the other day.So we go into Wal-Hell..i mean Wal-Mart and he gets his lunchable and fruit gushers and then in the most innocent look EVER says.."Mom I need to get some fruit..cause it's healthy"..I say "yes son it is"..he says "you wanna know why you should eat healthy mom?" "Why Shayne?"...i swear this was his answer.."cause if you don't you'll get to much junk in your trunk!" OMG!!! I bout fell over in Wal-Mart and died!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Owe Ya A Dollar...

So guess what! Shayne got to go on his field trip!!! They went ahead and went..woo hoo!! I am a little sad that I didn't get to go..I just pray that he is safe...

Good news the medicine they put Kali on WORKED!!! Problem fixed..for now anyway...She is feeling alot better in that department but is now starting to get a cough..grrr i wish she could get well and stay well i'm starting to have flash backs of when she was a baby...

So I found out that I DO still have a 16yr old and he does love me and came home last nite.No my son doesn't run around being a butt he is a good kid just hangs with his buddies i got to spend a lil' time with him..woo hoo!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Knew There Was A Man Behind It!!

So I've been cussing and bitching bout the wrong person.Sorry mother nature I should of known it was a man behind all the crappy weather..Old Man Winter!! U SUCK!!! We got 10 in of snow yesterday..So no school yesterday and no school today.AND Shayne's field trip is tomorrow to Jefferson City.Bet a dollar they don't go.

So I fell in the snow and ice and it hurt..So now I'm sitting here in pain..I wanna go home!!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Okay I'm done crying I've lowered myself to begging mother nature to quit being so damn cruel!!

PLEASE! PLEASE! Stop snowing on us!!! We have had enuf we are done put a fork in us we are soooooo done!! PLEASE PLEASE STOP!!!

Okay no I don't feel better but may as well stop whining.Dad is doing really good..after such a rough start.I'm going up there next permitting...{see above post}

Well now they are thinking Kali is having some female having her period way to much{she sees this I'm dead!}So she is on some meds for "something" and then it's a waiting game..

So if I get to bury myself out of the snow I'll post more later...Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dad's Surgery Day...

So dad had his surgery yesterday and shoulda known it was gonna be a bad day when I woke up to snow falling..but the good 'bout that is it wasn't in Salem.So neway I take dad to the hospital.We have to be there at 5:30 am...y? u too...I asked y? as well..we sat and waited 55 min. just to get register.It took so long the nurses doing dad's surgery came out into the waiting room to see if we had made it yet.So they do what they do and I finally get to see him and spend a few min. with him and they take him away..all I could say was i love u a thousand times.So the nurse comes out and tells us that dad's blood pressure went way up before they even started on him.Scared..yep that's me..but he was stable now and everything was going very good.So next time she came in to check in with us was at 10 and she said surgery was over and dad was great.YEEHAW!! So he gets in his room and sleeps so I ran to mom's {5 min from hospital} and took a nap.So the kids and go to the hospital and dad's door was shut.Okay someone is with him.Well I find out my dad decided to get out of his bed on his own and did a belly flop.So he had to get a ct scan and x-ray of his knee.Everything was okay but he's still not doing well at all.He's confused he doesn't know much of nothing.I'm going back up after work tomorrow.I hate this sooo much...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Omg!!! A miracle has happened in Salem,MO!!! It snowed in that's not the miracle..the miracle is the kids had school!!! YEEHAW!!! Omg I am soooooo glad..then get this Marky says to me..I'm not going to school...I'm tired...HELLO!!??? U haven't gone to school but one day in 2 weeks..get up..we fought..he cussed me..but I prevailed! I won this one and his lil peed off hiney is sittin at school.He gets to miss tomorrow so not real sure why he was throwing a dad's surgery has been changed till tomorrow.I'm scared to death..I'm nervous I just want everything to be okay..I put it in God's hands so I know he will be fine..

So today is a co-workers bday and he is a very sweet older man...{he reminds me of my dad}.
So another co-worker and I are gonna send him flowers and get him a cake.Today is also my nephew's bday as well..also today 6 yrs ago I got off some very evil stuff..{meth}..being clean longer than I was dirty is kinda weird but I like it!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Insert Crying!!!

Insert pouting...screaming...crying noises...there isn't any school again today...I give up..seriously this is freaking horrible.I've decided that Winter will never ever go away.It is here to stay kids will never have school again.Insert crying..screaming noises...

Well my dad has his surgery on Thursday..please pray for us...

My bestest friend had a light stroke over the weekend..she's 31 yrs old...HELLO!!???
Hmmm what's wrong with that?She's 31...has 4 young kids...

Will post more later...

Friday, February 22, 2008


Grrr...that's all I can really say bout today...and yesterday....No school again today...oh joy!
Well I closed up my office early yesterday I have a massive headache that nothing is helping and we were slow so y not forward the phone to my cell and go home.Yea that lasted a whole 15 min. I get a call from my boss that I have to meet him and take someone lady was a peach...a rotten one...wish I could go into it but can't...let me just put it this way she had more issues than People magazine.

So I get back home and u know the kids need to go here & there & everywhere...I asked them if they even had looked outside...there was tons of ice outside...I just wanna go home and relax...{insert crying noises} I get home and I tell my precious Kali that I want to sleep for a hour...she lets me sleep 2 and makes sure Shayne left me alone...lov u head still hurts but Survivor and Celeb. Appertince is on..lov u Trace{like he reads my blog} so I lay in bed all nite and K told Shayne dinner was fend for yourself...{there was plenty to eat}...i know insert bad mommy right here...

The doctor called and Kali has to go to a Urologist about her kidney's and bladder...I'm really freaking out...Wish us luck

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ice Ice Go Away..Don't Come Back Another Day!!

Okay so it hit us again this u guessed it we have no school..damn it!...

So I'm laying on my couch being the lazy person that I am and my neice calls and tells me that my babies wanna see me...I don't get to see them as much as I use to..we were neighbors but not nemore...well Toni has 4 beautiful kids..3 girls and one boy...Desirae is 5..Brooke is 4..Cassie is 1 and Mathew is 7 months...and let me tell u these kids carry my heart in the palm of their hands..for as small as they are my big butt is wrapped around their lil finger...and they know it...

So I went out to see them and the Lunar Eclispe thingy happened and I got to share it with them..not sure if they know what they were really looking at but the knew the moon was being covered up...It was neat...Was really glad to have enjoyed it with Tones and the kids and mine as well. Marky kept watching the time and couldn't wait till it was time...I'm glad he enjoyed it..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The kids had school...the kids had school...the kids had school...the kids had school...

Not much more to say the kids are in school!! All is well in the world tomorrow is a different story we are suppose to get ice and snow prob no school 2morrow...dang it!!

Say a prayer for my baby girl...K is having trouble with her bladder again...we go to the doctor on poor baby!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'll Pretend To Be Surprized...

Well where do I start? I went to see my parents over the weekend..which should be fun but there is always drama up there cause my sister lives with my mom with her 3 kids and boyfriend.Now I'm no rich person and my sister and her boyfriend work they pay my mom parents are on social security and dad's lil' pension fund...well they owe me $25.00 from like a month ago and I was like I'd like to get it when I come up...I told them on Tuesday...well they didn't have it.No surprize..but then I had to buy breakfast,lunch,& dinner ALL weekend...I left after breakfast on Sunday.She was suppose to give me some $$ before I left and she stayed downstairs till I left.I have to go back up there when my dad has his surgery and I am only feeding my parents and my kids she is on her own.

My heart got broke again last nite..I let a certain man hurt me over & over again...not nemore I'm done last nite was it!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Do Mommy's Lick Their Babies Clean?

Okay so it's been a rough week we got an ice storm on Monday and the kids were home..then Tuesday came school..Wed. no school..Thurs. no school...Fri. no school...and of course it's a holiday so no school on Mon...then on Tues. they are having something going on so yep u guessed it no school! The kids will have been out 7 days when they finally get to go back to school.But all is well cause Shayne is VERY sick so he would of missed out on his field trip that I worked so hard to get him into.

While my poor lil' man was laying on my bed coughing his head off he ask when mom's have babies do they lick their babies clean like puppies do?...hmmm...ok ur laying off the animal planet for awhile...

Monday, February 11, 2008

I Hate Winter...

So good news Kali has a bladder infection..I know thats not great news but after what this redneck hospital was telling me trust me it's good news...

There is nothing but snow & ice happening didn't close schools till like 7:27 am..most kids were already on the bus..welcome to we have lots of crap on the roads so looks like no school tomorrow either...hmmm..oh well what do u do?

Be Safe!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Just A Day!

Not too much too say today..kali is still very sick we go back to the doctor tomorrow..Shayne was at school on time...Marky and I had a huge fight last nite & I had to call the cops but then felt bad so I cancelled them..a dear friend took him for the nite..some say I shouldn't of let him go but it is honestly best if he went else where..he was hitting his brother & sister & calling me names u wouldn't believe if I told I'm calling doctor now...

Tam,hope u guys feel better soon...big hugs...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Love It When The Others See It My Way...

So I went to Shayne's school yesterday & had a I get home from work & Shayne was at church so no clue if anything was I waited..well he gets home and is busting at the seams to tell me that he gets to go on the feild long as he doesn't miss ANY school..any school mom..that means not even one min. I can't be late..EVER!!!...Okay son I got Kali wakes me up bout 11 pm & tells me that the washer didn't spin out..WHAT!?! Are you sure??? So I crawl out of my nice warm bed & low & behold she's we start ringing stuff out..not fun..and we put them in dryer..well the clothes are still pretty wet and it kicks the door open..well we went to bed who would of thought of that happening at 11 pm half asleep..not I get up this morning thinking I'll get Shayne & I's clothes & we will go to our assigned places for the day...nope thats not we rush to wal-mart & hit the clarence rack & get Shayne an outfit {kali still sick..marky at friends} not bad spent $7.00 for outfit & socks...yea for then my wonderful son decideds that he MUST take his lunch..we are now at wal-mart still and school starts at 8:00 sharp and it's now 7:47 ...good thing we live in a small town..well we get out of the devils store & get him to school with one min. to spare...dang I am good...well maybe not all that but atleast I was lucky this morning...

Well I am feeling much better that god for my wonderful no hospital for me!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

O.k. So It's Not The Flu...

Okay so I don't have the flu I have friggen pnueimonia..again..for someone who doesn't smoke i get this crap alot...If I'm not better by Friday I will spend the nite in the hospital with no insurance

Well Shayne's princable was quite understand this morning...his teacher came into the office twice & smiled & said hi..i ignored her...i can't stand her...she makes my skin neway they are going talk bout letting him we will see...hopefully i won't have to hurt neone...

Well I'm not feeling very well right now..this med makes me feel weird..

Sorry bout the spelling my spell check isn't working

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Flu Anyone?

Uhhh...I am so sick of being sick..I'm sick of the fact I can't get my kids to share certian games..clothes but they don't mind shareing germs..wat the heck is up with that?So neway my kids were sick last week & of course I got it...and I have no insurance so I suffer...Do I sound bitter? I'm not really bitter just crabby...My oldest son as much as I make fun of him for making such life changing decisions at such a young age is pretty smart..I asked him when he was coming home & he said when ya'all get well...hmmm smart kid...only on this one bubby...can i go somewhere?...Nah didn't think so...

Well I may be in jail tomorrow..they have informed me that my youngest son can't go on a field trip cause he missed to much school..hmm he was out cause of staph they was in YOUR school cause ya'all didn't catch the kid that brought it I feel it is totally unfair this is a kid that loves school..who had a broken foot last year & still went to school the day he got his's not like this is just a "fun" feild trip this is where they r going to the state capitol & getting to meet the govener..grrrr I am mad...i could see if he got into trouble but he didn't..I could see it if he just didn't want to go to school but he didn't he cried everyday he had to wish me luck..

Monday, January 28, 2008

When It Rains It Pours!!!

Ok so my weekend was ok...I went to see my parents..3 hour drive with 4 kids...that was the funniest part! Oh yea!..Well today my daughter started throwing up..yep the flu..then I had a fight with my my dad had to go the doctor today & he has to have a once over..a bunch of test then surgery in two-three plz forgive me from not bein my chipper self..o wait best friend stopped breathing last nite...neone got a gun?...jk mom...

Friday, January 25, 2008


Well today is Friday THANK GOD!!! Tho I do have to work tomorrow but only for 4 hrs..yea..anyway I have all 4 kids home from school today..well u know 1 won't go but the other 3 are running 102 degree temps so I get the pleasure of running from my office to home 1000 times today...for those who wonder y not just stay home? well cause I am the only one working I have no husband or boyfriend to take care of us...we have a dr appt later this morning...

I wanna tell Tam that I'm thinking bout u..I know today is rough but u know what needs to be done..just cause of that doesn't mean u don't love him...u r doing this because of all the love u have for him...just remember duct tape..jk...seriously remember I am always here for u...big hugs!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When it rains it pours...

Well yesterday was offically "suckey day" sucked it was bad and only got worse..I'm just hoping it doesn't pour over to today...So the big baby got his way didn't have to work..wish I could afford to take off when I wanted accidents happen within my crew..which was a blessing.Then I get the dreaded phone call from my mom..ur dad is at the parents live almost 3 hours away...why? was my first question..his back..he pulled something..ok..not too bad..well noone went with him they drove him there & dropped him well I call the hospital & try & find out what is happening...noone thought to stay & give the hospital a medical history..I love my family..Ilove my family..{me trying to convince myself} well dad is 72 yr old & has an aneurysm in his when they did the cat scan I asked they check the size..they's looks like I'm leaving my comfort zone & moving back to the city..grr i like my country life but my dad is more important..Then I have pulled something in my side & am honestly dieing right I'll blog more later..pray for my dad..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Y? Y? Y?

Ahhhh..y? i ask..y are men such babies? I swear I work with a bunch of 2 yr olds..ok well it did what it does in Missouri last nite dumped ice on us..unlike the snow they said was gonna happen..newho I wake up this morning to icy roads..but there is still r kinda mad but oh then I get a call from one of my drivers.."it's slick out..I'm not driving in this stuff"..ok now wait a minute didn't u say u use to drive big truck? wat is wrong with this picture..oh wait that's right he's a man therefore he either lied or he's just a big baby..i'm putting my money on my day has started out i've got my boss calling freaking out...grrrrr...wish me back later if i live thru the day & don't go to jail for smacking someone...just kidding

Monday, January 21, 2008

For JuJu

I had it all thought out..had some pretty funny jokes to tell & then I read another blog & found out Julian is with Jesus jokes from me crazy weekend doesn't matter..Pray for Mimi & her family...

Friday, January 18, 2008

As If!!!!

As if I need nemore headaches in the we are trying to get out of the house cause we r late..big shock there..I step in dog dukey...yes my children have decided that my house is now an animal shelter & brought two puppies in...well fine but take them out as well!! Hello!!! Oh thats right noone listens to newho got that cleaned up & go to my van & start it up..yea it was like 3 degrees out...put it in died..dang fords...ok try & start then I'm calling peeps at 7:30 kids screaming.."I'm not going to school I don't wanna be late"...TOO BAD!!..well got ahold of someone to come get us take kids to school & me to work..which I am also late for so does that mean i get to skip work? are hungry..aren't they always?...ok so then someone else shows up to fix the van..yea got two peeps now..yea i am van gets fixed..thankx Greg for coming to save us for nothing...I owe off to school & work 1 hour & I start throwing between runs to the bathroom school calls Marky is being a butt & yep u guessed it is kicked out of school..not the only thing thats gonna get kicked this weekend..that didn't make much sense but oh now back at work..someone calls & wants one of the puppies we found! It is all YOURS!!! Thank you...well wish me luck this weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome To My Crazy Life!!!

Ok so here is how the morning of a single mom of 4 goes..Guys wake up...guys wake up..come on guys we are gonna be late..GET UP!!! Ok so they are crawling outta bed..well the pallets on the floor after a few whines & cries we r out the door..all except my 16 yr old cause he of course knows everything & has quit school..he has already figured out at such a young age what his lifes purpose sleep all day and then get up & go somewhere to play on computer cause i'm a mean mommy & threw our 'puter out the window a couple years ago cause ryan (16 yr old) wanted to stay up all nite on it..ok back to the is the time to have Marky to take his meds..whew wish me luck..m take ur meds..but i wanna eat first..m u really need to take ur meds..BUT I WANNA EAT FIRST...fine let him eat I did..wanna know what happen? He got in trouble..he has add,adhd,bi-polar,& explosive disorder..and is! So he was being disruptive ok..did he take his meds?...NOPE!! So while the teacher & principal were talking M was yelling & screaming how he was being wrongfully accused & he was innocent! When that didn't work he started barking & growling at the kids when they walked made the kids laugh so he did it more...when his sister went by he tried to bite my child hasn't totally lost it he got what he wanted he made folks laugh..that was his now we had a fun evening of how mean i am cause i wouldn't let him go anywhere..hmmm i was right wasn't i?