Monday, January 28, 2008

When It Rains It Pours!!!

Ok so my weekend was ok...I went to see my parents..3 hour drive with 4 kids...that was the funniest part! Oh yea!..Well today my daughter started throwing up..yep the flu..then I had a fight with my my dad had to go the doctor today & he has to have a once over..a bunch of test then surgery in two-three plz forgive me from not bein my chipper self..o wait best friend stopped breathing last nite...neone got a gun?...jk mom...

Friday, January 25, 2008


Well today is Friday THANK GOD!!! Tho I do have to work tomorrow but only for 4 hrs..yea..anyway I have all 4 kids home from school today..well u know 1 won't go but the other 3 are running 102 degree temps so I get the pleasure of running from my office to home 1000 times today...for those who wonder y not just stay home? well cause I am the only one working I have no husband or boyfriend to take care of us...we have a dr appt later this morning...

I wanna tell Tam that I'm thinking bout u..I know today is rough but u know what needs to be done..just cause of that doesn't mean u don't love him...u r doing this because of all the love u have for him...just remember duct tape..jk...seriously remember I am always here for u...big hugs!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When it rains it pours...

Well yesterday was offically "suckey day" sucked it was bad and only got worse..I'm just hoping it doesn't pour over to today...So the big baby got his way didn't have to work..wish I could afford to take off when I wanted accidents happen within my crew..which was a blessing.Then I get the dreaded phone call from my mom..ur dad is at the parents live almost 3 hours away...why? was my first question..his back..he pulled something..ok..not too bad..well noone went with him they drove him there & dropped him well I call the hospital & try & find out what is happening...noone thought to stay & give the hospital a medical history..I love my family..Ilove my family..{me trying to convince myself} well dad is 72 yr old & has an aneurysm in his when they did the cat scan I asked they check the size..they's looks like I'm leaving my comfort zone & moving back to the city..grr i like my country life but my dad is more important..Then I have pulled something in my side & am honestly dieing right I'll blog more later..pray for my dad..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Y? Y? Y?

Ahhhh..y? i ask..y are men such babies? I swear I work with a bunch of 2 yr olds..ok well it did what it does in Missouri last nite dumped ice on us..unlike the snow they said was gonna happen..newho I wake up this morning to icy roads..but there is still r kinda mad but oh then I get a call from one of my drivers.."it's slick out..I'm not driving in this stuff"..ok now wait a minute didn't u say u use to drive big truck? wat is wrong with this picture..oh wait that's right he's a man therefore he either lied or he's just a big baby..i'm putting my money on my day has started out i've got my boss calling freaking out...grrrrr...wish me back later if i live thru the day & don't go to jail for smacking someone...just kidding

Monday, January 21, 2008

For JuJu

I had it all thought out..had some pretty funny jokes to tell & then I read another blog & found out Julian is with Jesus jokes from me crazy weekend doesn't matter..Pray for Mimi & her family...

Friday, January 18, 2008

As If!!!!

As if I need nemore headaches in the we are trying to get out of the house cause we r late..big shock there..I step in dog dukey...yes my children have decided that my house is now an animal shelter & brought two puppies in...well fine but take them out as well!! Hello!!! Oh thats right noone listens to newho got that cleaned up & go to my van & start it up..yea it was like 3 degrees out...put it in died..dang fords...ok try & start then I'm calling peeps at 7:30 kids screaming.."I'm not going to school I don't wanna be late"...TOO BAD!!..well got ahold of someone to come get us take kids to school & me to work..which I am also late for so does that mean i get to skip work? are hungry..aren't they always?...ok so then someone else shows up to fix the van..yea got two peeps now..yea i am van gets fixed..thankx Greg for coming to save us for nothing...I owe off to school & work 1 hour & I start throwing between runs to the bathroom school calls Marky is being a butt & yep u guessed it is kicked out of school..not the only thing thats gonna get kicked this weekend..that didn't make much sense but oh now back at work..someone calls & wants one of the puppies we found! It is all YOURS!!! Thank you...well wish me luck this weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome To My Crazy Life!!!

Ok so here is how the morning of a single mom of 4 goes..Guys wake up...guys wake up..come on guys we are gonna be late..GET UP!!! Ok so they are crawling outta bed..well the pallets on the floor after a few whines & cries we r out the door..all except my 16 yr old cause he of course knows everything & has quit school..he has already figured out at such a young age what his lifes purpose sleep all day and then get up & go somewhere to play on computer cause i'm a mean mommy & threw our 'puter out the window a couple years ago cause ryan (16 yr old) wanted to stay up all nite on it..ok back to the is the time to have Marky to take his meds..whew wish me luck..m take ur meds..but i wanna eat first..m u really need to take ur meds..BUT I WANNA EAT FIRST...fine let him eat I did..wanna know what happen? He got in trouble..he has add,adhd,bi-polar,& explosive disorder..and is! So he was being disruptive ok..did he take his meds?...NOPE!! So while the teacher & principal were talking M was yelling & screaming how he was being wrongfully accused & he was innocent! When that didn't work he started barking & growling at the kids when they walked made the kids laugh so he did it more...when his sister went by he tried to bite my child hasn't totally lost it he got what he wanted he made folks laugh..that was his now we had a fun evening of how mean i am cause i wouldn't let him go anywhere..hmmm i was right wasn't i?