Friday, January 18, 2008

As If!!!!

As if I need nemore headaches in the we are trying to get out of the house cause we r late..big shock there..I step in dog dukey...yes my children have decided that my house is now an animal shelter & brought two puppies in...well fine but take them out as well!! Hello!!! Oh thats right noone listens to newho got that cleaned up & go to my van & start it up..yea it was like 3 degrees out...put it in died..dang fords...ok try & start then I'm calling peeps at 7:30 kids screaming.."I'm not going to school I don't wanna be late"...TOO BAD!!..well got ahold of someone to come get us take kids to school & me to work..which I am also late for so does that mean i get to skip work? are hungry..aren't they always?...ok so then someone else shows up to fix the van..yea got two peeps now..yea i am van gets fixed..thankx Greg for coming to save us for nothing...I owe off to school & work 1 hour & I start throwing between runs to the bathroom school calls Marky is being a butt & yep u guessed it is kicked out of school..not the only thing thats gonna get kicked this weekend..that didn't make much sense but oh now back at work..someone calls & wants one of the puppies we found! It is all YOURS!!! Thank you...well wish me luck this weekend!

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