Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ho Hum...

WHY! WHY! WHY????...okay so the kids have missed 100 days of school cause of the snow and ice..blah blah we get rid of the snow and low and behold the rain they start threatening that we aren't gonna have school cause of flooding...GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Well luckily that didn't happen but get this they are giving the kids the day off tomorrow..y u ask cause they are idiots!

So I thought after the week I had last week i thought this week wasn't gonna be bad right? WRONG!!!! Sisi started her period again! This is the second time this she has to go to the doctor..grrrr...Then one of my dear dear friends had a heart attack and crashed..they put her on a ventilator and called the family in so i dart over to Rolla and goofy pulled the tube out and looked at the nurse and said"I'm done with this can I have something to drink"...I told her that if she EVER scares me like that I'm gonna kick her hiney! So she has like 5 kids well her boys like to give me a hard time and one of her boys Glen gave me such a hard time he freaked beans son isn't allowed to use the word "hate" cause it's such a strong word..well he tells me mom i hate him..I know I'm not suppose to say that but he hurts you and is always picking at hurt he means Glen playfully kicked me..of course I said it hurt just to bug Glen but beans took me seriously...What am I suppose to say? I see why he doesn't like him but I still don't like him saying the "h" word.So he is still not suppose to say that word.I dunno guess I'll sit and talk with him tonite bout it.So btw Glenda got to go home to day! Power of Prayer Baby!!

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