Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Y? Y? Y?

Ahhhh..y? i ask..y are men such babies? I swear I work with a bunch of 2 yr olds..ok well it did what it does in Missouri last nite dumped ice on us..unlike the snow they said was gonna happen..newho I wake up this morning to icy roads..but there is still school..yea..kids r kinda mad but oh well...so then I get a call from one of my drivers.."it's slick out..I'm not driving in this stuff"..ok now wait a minute didn't u say u use to drive big truck? wat is wrong with this picture..oh wait that's right he's a man therefore he either lied or he's just a big baby..i'm putting my money on both...so my day has started out WONDERFUL...now i've got my boss calling freaking out...grrrrr...wish me luck...be back later if i live thru the day & don't go to jail for smacking someone...just kidding

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