Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome To My Crazy Life!!!

Ok so here is how the morning of a single mom of 4 goes..Guys wake up...guys wake up..come on guys we are gonna be late..GET UP!!! Ok so they are crawling outta bed..well the pallets on the floor after a few whines & cries we r out the door..all except my 16 yr old cause he of course knows everything & has quit school..he has already figured out at such a young age what his lifes purpose sleep all day and then get up & go somewhere to play on computer cause i'm a mean mommy & threw our 'puter out the window a couple years ago cause ryan (16 yr old) wanted to stay up all nite on it..ok back to the is the time to have Marky to take his meds..whew wish me luck..m take ur meds..but i wanna eat first..m u really need to take ur meds..BUT I WANNA EAT FIRST...fine let him eat I did..wanna know what happen? He got in trouble..he has add,adhd,bi-polar,& explosive disorder..and is! So he was being disruptive ok..did he take his meds?...NOPE!! So while the teacher & principal were talking M was yelling & screaming how he was being wrongfully accused & he was innocent! When that didn't work he started barking & growling at the kids when they walked made the kids laugh so he did it more...when his sister went by he tried to bite my child hasn't totally lost it he got what he wanted he made folks laugh..that was his now we had a fun evening of how mean i am cause i wouldn't let him go anywhere..hmmm i was right wasn't i?

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