Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'll Pretend To Be Surprized...

Well where do I start? I went to see my parents over the weekend..which should be fun but there is always drama up there cause my sister lives with my mom with her 3 kids and boyfriend.Now I'm no rich person and my sister and her boyfriend work they pay my mom nothing...my parents are on social security and dad's lil' pension fund...well they owe me $25.00 from like a month ago and I was like I'd like to get it when I come up...I told them on Tuesday...well they didn't have it.No surprize..but then I had to buy breakfast,lunch,& dinner ALL weekend...I left after breakfast on Sunday.She was suppose to give me some $$ before I left and she stayed downstairs till I left.I have to go back up there when my dad has his surgery and I am only feeding my parents and my kids she is on her own.

My heart got broke again last nite..I let a certain man hurt me over & over again...not nemore I'm done last nite was it!

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momof2teensand2tots said...

Well, DAMN them!! Of course they hid out downstairs til you left! I would not feed them anything either. OOPS, sorry, I only have enough cash for mom dad and us...guess you will have to starve or pack a lunch! HAHA...Love ya!