Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When it rains it pours...

Well yesterday was offically "suckey day" sucked it was bad and only got worse..I'm just hoping it doesn't pour over to today...So the big baby got his way didn't have to work..wish I could afford to take off when I wanted accidents happen within my crew..which was a blessing.Then I get the dreaded phone call from my mom..ur dad is at the parents live almost 3 hours away...why? was my first question..his back..he pulled something..ok..not too bad..well noone went with him they drove him there & dropped him well I call the hospital & try & find out what is happening...noone thought to stay & give the hospital a medical history..I love my family..Ilove my family..{me trying to convince myself} well dad is 72 yr old & has an aneurysm in his when they did the cat scan I asked they check the size..they's looks like I'm leaving my comfort zone & moving back to the city..grr i like my country life but my dad is more important..Then I have pulled something in my side & am honestly dieing right I'll blog more later..pray for my dad..

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