Thursday, March 13, 2008

What A Week..And It's Not Over With!!!

What a week...ok where to start..on Tuesday Shayne went home from school and was playing in our front yard and a man walked up to him and asked him what he was doing.Shayne said"digging".He then said "Why don't you go for a walk with me".I'm sooo proud of my son he said "NO!!" and went in the house and locked the door.We went to the police and well they said they can't really do much but look for the guy.Shayne gave an awesome description of the man so hopefully they will be able to find him before he hurts a child.

So then yesterday I was on pins and needles cause of the whole weird guy and I picked Shayne & Marky up from school and took them home.Well I tried calling them {I had to go back to work}and they didn't answer.So I called Ryan cause he was suppose to be going home to sit with the boys and he had a really bad bike wreck.So I went home got the boys then Kali & took Ry to the hospital.Sat for 2 1/2 hours and he knocked his jaw out of place & broke 3 of his fingers.So the kids don't have a very good relationship with their dad but R was very emotional and decided that he wanted to talk to his dad.So I called his dad and told him what was up and r got to talk to him which was good.He needed that.Hopefully this opens the door for healing their relationship.I hope.R and Mark were always close and it broke my heart when big m walked away from them.

Ohhh and get this there's this kid at school that won't keep his hands off K. So I call school and have a chat with him and if he touches her again he's suspended.That's if r doesn't get to him first.

Is this week over with yet????

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