Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Omg!!! A miracle has happened in Salem,MO!!! It snowed in Salem..no that's not the miracle..the miracle is the kids had school!!! YEEHAW!!! Omg I am soooooo glad..then get this Marky says to me..I'm not going to school...I'm tired...HELLO!!??? U haven't gone to school but one day in 2 weeks..get up..we fought..he cussed me..but I prevailed! I won this one and his lil peed off hiney is sittin at school.He gets to miss tomorrow so not real sure why he was throwing a fit..my dad's surgery has been changed till tomorrow.I'm scared to death..I'm nervous I just want everything to be okay..I put it in God's hands so I know he will be fine..

So today is a co-workers bday and he is a very sweet older man...{he reminds me of my dad}.
So another co-worker and I are gonna send him flowers and get him a cake.Today is also my nephew's bday as well..also today 6 yrs ago I got off some very evil stuff..{meth}..being clean longer than I was dirty is kinda weird but I like it!

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