Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So I honestly wish I could say my life is boring but it's not.Saturday I went with the kids to the Easter Egg Hunt..poor S this is his last year to hunt and he finally found a golden egg!He was so excited!Poor girls {great-nieces} didn't find any "golden eggs" so my sweet boy gave them some of his prizes out of his winning basket to the girls.Then poor B tripped and fell and half of her eggs fell out and kids started taking her eggs...poor baby...So we took them to see the Easter Bunny to get their minds off of the "tragedy"...it just scared the poo poo out of them.D & C did not like him or her...M,B,and A..didn't care as long as they were center of attention for the moment..hehe..
So after all the excitement the kids and I headed to St. Charles...and we had to take a way we never went before cause the main highway was flooded..I'll tell ya we just can't win..oooo wait get this Easter morning we are all up starting dinner raiding kids candy and I like a dummy look outside and it was friggen snowing! I honestly give up!
So K has a dr. appt this afternoon wish us luck it's not looking so good.

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