Friday, February 22, 2008


Grrr...that's all I can really say bout today...and yesterday....No school again today...oh joy!
Well I closed up my office early yesterday I have a massive headache that nothing is helping and we were slow so y not forward the phone to my cell and go home.Yea that lasted a whole 15 min. I get a call from my boss that I have to meet him and take someone lady was a peach...a rotten one...wish I could go into it but can't...let me just put it this way she had more issues than People magazine.

So I get back home and u know the kids need to go here & there & everywhere...I asked them if they even had looked outside...there was tons of ice outside...I just wanna go home and relax...{insert crying noises} I get home and I tell my precious Kali that I want to sleep for a hour...she lets me sleep 2 and makes sure Shayne left me alone...lov u head still hurts but Survivor and Celeb. Appertince is on..lov u Trace{like he reads my blog} so I lay in bed all nite and K told Shayne dinner was fend for yourself...{there was plenty to eat}...i know insert bad mommy right here...

The doctor called and Kali has to go to a Urologist about her kidney's and bladder...I'm really freaking out...Wish us luck

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