Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Flu Anyone?

Uhhh...I am so sick of being sick..I'm sick of the fact I can't get my kids to share certian things..toys..ps2 games..clothes but they don't mind shareing germs..wat the heck is up with that?So neway my kids were sick last week & of course I got it...and I have no insurance so I suffer...Do I sound bitter? I'm not really bitter just crabby...My oldest son as much as I make fun of him for making such life changing decisions at such a young age is pretty smart..I asked him when he was coming home & he said when ya'all get well...hmmm smart kid...only on this one bubby...can i go somewhere?...Nah didn't think so...

Well I may be in jail tomorrow..they have informed me that my youngest son can't go on a field trip cause he missed to much school..hmm he was out cause of staph they was in YOUR school cause ya'all didn't catch the kid that brought it in...so I feel it is totally unfair this is a kid that loves school..who had a broken foot last year & still went to school the day he got his cast..it's not like this is just a "fun" feild trip this is where they r going to the state capitol & getting to meet the govener..grrrr I am mad...i could see if he got into trouble but he didn't..I could see it if he just didn't want to go to school but he didn't he cried everyday he had to miss...so wish me luck..

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