Friday, February 15, 2008

Do Mommy's Lick Their Babies Clean?

Okay so it's been a rough week we got an ice storm on Monday and the kids were home..then Tuesday came school..Wed. no school..Thurs. no school...Fri. no school...and of course it's a holiday so no school on Mon...then on Tues. they are having something going on so yep u guessed it no school! The kids will have been out 7 days when they finally get to go back to school.But all is well cause Shayne is VERY sick so he would of missed out on his field trip that I worked so hard to get him into.

While my poor lil' man was laying on my bed coughing his head off he ask when mom's have babies do they lick their babies clean like puppies do?...hmmm...ok ur laying off the animal planet for awhile...

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